The Multicultural Women and Senior Services Association is a non-profit, charitable organization that is administered by a board of dedicated volunteers. Persons from all cultures are welcome here.


Successful integration and participation of newcomers in Canadian society.


To help immigrants and people who have newly arrived and those in need of assistance, to integrate into Canadian society by providing education, counseling and other support services.
Our Focus
To provide services and programs for immigrant and refugee seniors and women.


  • Promote and enhance the well-being and self-reliance of immigrant seniors and women, especially those at risk and isolated, before crisis develop.
  • Provide activities and services among immigrant seniors and women who are isolated because of social and physical barriers.
  • Operate a facility that supports the program goals and is conveniently located and adequately staffed and equipped to enable excellent services to be delivered.
  • Educate the South Asian community on building healthy relationships and support those who are experiencing family violence.

Organizational values

We believe that:

  • Each member of the community deserves respect, dignity, acceptance and support
  • A friendly, safe and accepting atmosphere nurtures a sense of belonging
  • Being more informed and knowledgeable increases ones personal power
  • Healthy interdependence leads to positive change
  • Diversity strengthens and enriches our community
  • Inter-generational communication and activities promote understanding and healthy communities